Bicycle ferry M/S Silvana
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Bicycle ferry M/S Silvana

The bicycle ferry M/S Silvana makes port at Skarpnåtö (Hammarland)and Snäckö and at Lolo's Seaside Café (Geta) according to the time table .

The ferry can board 50 passengers with or without bicycles. Ride takes 25 minutes.

Timetable 26.06.-19.08.2023:
Monday-Saturday (not on Sundays)
12.00 hrs Skarpnåtö (Hammarland) - Snäckö, Lolo's Seaside Café
12.30 hrs Snäckö, Lolo's Seaside Café (Geta) - Skarpnåtö (Hammarland)

Adult EUR 17/person/bike
Children under 12 years EUR 8
Bicycle trailer EUR 8

Information regarding availability tel +358 400 229 149.