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Fishing with Donningfishing

Fishing guide Hans "Hasse" Donning is an avid fisherman and fishing guide. With Hasse you can fish basically all over Åland as he has the boat available on trailer and can launch where it is suitable for the day.

Fishing in Åland is generally very good with rich catch. We fish mostly pike and the average on a full day trip is about 20 pikes but the number varies depending on knowledge, energy and a little luck! During autumn, winter and spring, sea trout also nibble. Perch is also a popular food fish and very fun to fish in the fall when they merge in large shoals, if you happen to find a shoal then the catch will be plentiful.
The boat is a Starweld 19DC that is stable and safe. All fishing equipment and life jackets are in the boat, notify the size/weight class of the life jacket before arrival. A half-day trip takes 4h and full-day fishing trip 7h. Usually we start early in the morning at noon , around 09.00-10.00 but the time can of course be adapted to your own wishes and weather and wind.

So welcome to book a day of fun fishing and a beautiful day at sea in the beautiful archipelago of Åland.