Indigo Restaurang & Bar
Indigo Restaurang & Bar
Indigo Restaurang & Bar
Indigo Restaurang & Bar

Indigo Restaurang & Bar

Indigo Restaurang & Bar

Indigo Restaurant & Bar is many things at once: a lunch restaurant, a fine restaurant, a bar and a bistro. A bit like your second livingroom in town. Here you mix between Scandinavian and southern European cuisine - these are classic flavors and well-known dishes, presented in new contexts. On Friday and Saturday nights, Indigo is also an important part of Mariehamn's entertainment offer with its well-attended bar. In summer there is also a large, lovely patio where it is easy to sit for a long time because it is open from early lunch until late in the evening.

The restaurant was opened by the restaurateur couple Stig Grönlund and Björn Ekstrand in the spring of 2004. Björn continued his journey towards new goals in the autumn of 2012 and Stig's new colleague since then is the well-known Åland profile Dennis Jansson. He also runs the nightclub Kino Nightclub and the pizzeria Diablo which is next door to Indigo.

The restaurant is housed in Mariehamn's perhaps best preserved stone house. The oldest parts are actually built as early as the end of the 19th century, when the city most resembled a village. In the 1870s, the shipowner and merchant Victor Starck built two magazines for his ship and wholesale trade. One in brick and one in granite. The magazines stored cement, nails and all kinds of building materials. But the warehouse also occasionally served as a distillery. To make the warehouse burglar-proof, grilles were set up for the windows in the magazine. For a time, therefore, the magazine was also used as a prison. The farm with a dwelling house, magazine and baker's cottage (which today houses café Bagarstugan) was taken over in the early 20th century by the shipowner and consul Erik Nylund and his wife Elin.
Where the stairs now go up to Indigo's bar, there was a slide for cement sacks and other goods that were thrown down to the lower floor. On Nygatan stood several horse-drawn carriages from the countryside and waiting to be loaded. The house was used as a warehouse until the 1970s, when it became a pottery. In April 2004, the restaurant Indigo was inaugurated. The story of the magazine can today be seen on the lovely stone walls and the cozy atmosphere with wooden beams in the attic where the bar is.

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Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday at 11.00-23.00
Friday at 11.00-00.00
Saturday at 17.00-00.00

Exceptional opening hours:
Walpurgis Night closed.
First of May from 5 pm.
Ascension of Christ from 5 pm.
Midsummer evening closed.
Midsummer day closed.

Contact the restaurant before arrival to book dinner time.
Phone +358 (0) 18- 16550