Öfvergårds' apple safari
Öfvergårds' apple safari
Öfvergårds' apple safari
Öfvergårds' apple safari
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Öfvergårds' apple safari

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a vineyard?

You do not have to go further than to Öfvergårds in Tjudö, Åland's apple kingdom to experience just that. The apple trees have their charm and offer fantastic colors; white flowers, green leaves and red and yellow, juicy apples.

At Öfvergårds, they grow and refine their apples with a gentle hand and great love. All the farm's products are produced with care for the raw material as a cornerstone.

On an apple safari, you are taken on an exciting taste journey - a fantastic Apple Experience.

The safari takes about 1.5 hours and is suitable for the whole family. The guide speaks Swedish / English.

During the safari, you follow Anna and Jan to see, experience and learn more about apples and must and a little about their history.
After the safari, we taste a selection of their patterns together with some Åland flavors.

In the farm shop you will find their range of mustard, pickled apple shoots and honey. Lots of fun for both everyday and party - there is something for every occasion!

The safari is arranged:
Tuesday at 18.00
Thursday at 18.00

Please note that this is an outdoor activity!