Fishing license - Eckerö
Fishing license - Eckerö
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Fishing license - Eckerö

There is no common fishing license for Åland. Instead, there are a total of 56 fishing license areas and 16 province-owned areas. The fishing license is valid for sport fishing with a casting rod, jigging or angling within the specified area.

When angling in Åland, the application of Catch and Release is a recommendation. The basic rule is that you should not bring home more fish than you intend to eat. In addition, if the fish does not reach the minimum dimensions, you are obliged to release it back into the sea. Sometimes the lure can sit out of whack and seriously injure the fish. Then you should euthanize it as soon as possible.

General rules for sport fishing in Åland
• Avoid damaging nature and the environment.
• Familiarize yourself with the current regulations on closed seasons, closed areas, minimum dimensions and fragile nature. Respect these.
• Never fish without a permit and fishing license.
• Use the methods and gear that give the fish the best possible chance of survival if/when it is released.
• Immediately end caught fish that are to be kept.
• Never catch more fish than you can consume.
• Engage in sport fishing with regard to the needs and gear of commercial fishing and traditional subsistence fishing.
During the period April15 to June 15 each year, sport fishing from shore is prohibited, consideration for nesting seabirds. In Åland, the following closed seasons also apply: crayfish September 1 – July 20, pikeperch June 1 – June 30. During the closed season, it is forbidden to fish, store, transport, sell, buy or serve protected fish or crayfish for payment.

Perch 20 cm 10pcs/day/person (Fish under 20 cm are not considered to have any food value, which is why they should be released.)
Bream 42 cm
Pike 55 cm 1pc/day/person
Zander 37 cm 1pc/day/person
Sea trout 50 cm 1pc/day/person
Salmon 60 cm
Whitefish 35 cm
Crayfish: minimum 10 cm (forehead barb-tail middle flap)

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