Restaurant Nautical
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Restaurant Nautical

In the western harbour, on top of the Maritime Museum with the sailing ship Pommern as a neighbour, you will find the restaurant Nautical, a fine dining restaurant with great elegance.

Natural and authentic flavours are in focus, where care and passion are as important as the selected ingredients. We handpick our ingredients carefully and adapt our menus according to the season, with a strong emphasis on supporting local producers whenever possible. Our dedication to quality also extends to our impressive selection of beverages, where sommeliers are ready to guide you to the perfect wine.

The house where our restaurant is located has a fascinating history. It was originally built as part of the Maritime Museum, which was founded in 1935 by a group of Åland sea captains and shipowners who formed the Åland Nautical Club. One of the generous financiers behind this project was the well-known Åland shipowner Gustaf Erikson, who owned several impressive sailing ships during his time, including the famous ship Pommern.

Ever since the museum opened its doors, our restaurant has been part of this historic house. We have taken great responsibility for preserving the authentic atmosphere and charm. Many original features are still intact, such as the impressive fireplace and the almost unchanged staircase leading up to the restaurant. The interior of the so-called boardroom or captain's lounge has also been meritoriously preserved and offers a unique place for smaller groups to enjoy their meals in historic surroundings.

Our restaurant carries proud tradition and history, and we are happy to be able to offer our guests a taste of Åland's maritime heritage. For more information and details, please visit our website at